How does M2 calculate pattern match carpet?

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This article only applies to M2 2015 or older versions.

When estimating pattern carpet, by default, M2 will automatically round up cuts to next divisible pattern. To illustrate this cutting mechanism. Let's look at an example.


1. look at the cut O( C12 ). The cut in the diagram is 10'9" x 14'5" which is the net area of the cut
2. Look at the cut O-RM11. The cut size is 12'x 15'3" which is the result after the system applies  "round up to next full pattern" mechanism. Below is how the system calculates the sizes
  • For the width of the cut 10'9" = 129 " = about 1.8 patterns along the width and the system rounds the number of repeats and gives you 2 repeats which is 12' long
  • For the length of the cut 14'5" = 172 " = about 4.7 patterns along the length and the system rounds the number of repeats and gives you 5 repeats which is 15'.
Please note that because 3" cut margin has been set up for the carpet, so the total length of the carpet is 15'3".

Also, users can refer to a video tutorial showing how to set up pattern match and how to optimize its waste.

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