How to replace selected tiles to create freestyle pattern?

Posted by Administrator - 4/4/2016 5:11 PM
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This article applies to M2 Commercial 2009-2015 editions.


Highlight any floor area (or expanded wall area) assigned with tile or tile pattern, click on Room Tool tab and then click on Replace Tile.

In pop-up Tile Designer window, current tile area is shown on left canvas, left click on any tile piece cells to activate them (it turns white), or use rubber-band approach to activate a block of tile cells; to de-activate a tile cell, left click on activated ones to  toggle off.

To display background floor plan, check box Show Image Background.

With activated ones, these design operations can be performed: 

  • Remove: remove activated tiles (shown with red X box)
  • Resume: resume original states of activated tiles (same as deactivate cell)
  • Replace: replace activated tile cells with selected product from right-side pull-down list.  Tile replacement must be made with same sized tile.

Here is an example of activated tile area replaced with another color tile.


From MeasureSquare 2015 version, it supports hexagon tile and triangle tile replacement.


*  Click here to watch how to use tile replacement designer