How to create a tile pattern?

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This article applies to M2 2009 -2015 Commercial edition for Windows.


Besides the default tile pattern, commercial users now can design their own patterns with Pattern Editor. There are two ways to launch the Tile Pattern Editor:

1.      Left-click over a room to highlight it, go to Room Tool Tab then click on Tile Pattern Editor Icon

2.      Click on Tile Pattern Editor on the bottom-left then click on Pattern Editor Button .


When the shortcuts in the toolbar become selectable, commands related to them are available.

NEW PLAN Create a new pattern

OPEN FILE Open an existing pattern

SAVE Save the pattern

material database Material selector

pull down list Select one of the grouped material in the pull-down list to place on the grid window

rotate%20tile Rotate default direction of the selected rectangle tile in the pull-down list

redi Undo

undo Redo

Main path to design a new tile pattern

Open Material SelectorCollect Desired Tile Types and Define Logic SizePlace on Pattern Design AreaPreview Available UnitSave the Desired Pattern

Create a pattern of 3 tiles as in the example below


Open Material Selector

Material Selector automatically starts with Pattern Editor by default. Besides, one can open up Material Selector by:

Click the shortcut material database or

Click the command ‘Select Material’ from the menu bar

Collect Desired Tile Types

Continuously select materials from the pull-down list as needed

pick up

Selected material types will be listed on the left side of the dialogue box.

lightbulb Tip: Change Tile Type

Tile Type can be changed by clicking on desired item or by being selected in the pull-down list if available.


Place on Pattern Design Area

Select a tile type in the pull-down list as below

Moving cursor over the design area shows the selected tile. Place the selected tile on Pattern Design Area. Repeat the action above to complete a design.

Note: Tiles should be placed to each other.

lightbulb Tip: Rotate Rectangle Tile

rotate%20tile button on or off help you place the selected rectangle tile at or across the default direction; right click over the placed tile help you rotate it.

Add an insert

Select a tile type in the pull-down list as below

Preview Available Unit

Preview the finished design on Pattern Preview Area. If there’re several available pattern units, select one of them from Available Pattern List to preview the full layout on Pattern Preview Area.

To save the desired pattern unit, (1) click the Save button, or select it from the menu bar as shown below; (2) type in desire Pattern Name and Ok.


Locate the newly-created pattern sample listed in the pattern window. Simply pick it up and then drag and drop to the desired room.

Click on right-top red cross icon to quit Pattern Editor.

Pattern layout direction can be defined by using Change Direction icon  under Room Tool tab.



Plan Rotated with 45 Degree Clockwise like below:

*  Click here to watch how to use tile pattern editor