[Pattern]How to create a quarter-turn pattern?

Posted by Administrator - 3/18/2016 12:15 PM
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n orer to create a quarter-turn pattern, you need to install the multi-family or commercial edition. Below is an example showing you how to create a quarter-turn carpet tile pattern.

Step 1. Product tab->Add Tile->edit the name and size of the carpet tile->click the "folder" icon to upload an image to Picture URL.

Step 2:File menu->System Setting->Material layout->check "show Tile image"


Step 3: From the lower left corner->Pattern Library->Tile Pattern Editor

Step 4: In Pattern Editor window-> New->Select the tile size from the pull-down list on top right of the pop-up window ->click Add Tile->click the Tile Type pull-down list to select the tile that you want to work on->OK.

Step 5: Move the cursor to locate a cell to start and you will see an arrow appear, which indicate the direction of the tile.

Step 6: Left click to drop a tile in the left grid. If you want to change the direction of a particular tile, right-click on it->Rotate tile.

Step 7: repeat step 5 and step6 to complete the pattern:

Step 8: The program will automatically generate all possible combinations of the pattern at lower right corner. Select one to rename and save. Close the Pattern Editor window

Step 9: draw the pattern and drop it to a room->on the pop-up window->select the Tile you want to apply to the room.

If you want to show the installers how the quarter-turn pattern should be installed, you can change the tile image to an arrow.


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    #1 by mattieflowers 7/25/2019 2:20 AM
    I use this function for commercial takeoffs a lot for ticking off and highlighting information on PDF plans uploaded. Sometimes there is so much unessary written fnaf detail on a plan not relating to flooring that i strike through info not required and circle info that is. A highlighter oprion would be better
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    #2 by TaylorWilson 8/24/2019 2:35 AM
    The more typical examples are quarter-turn, solid, block, ashlar, non directional and duolithic. Quarter Turn: Tiles turned 90 degrees to each other – otherwise called Checker Board or Tessellated. 
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