[Announcement] What is the MeasureSquare cloud? How can I benefit from using it?

Posted by Administrator - 3/15/2016 2:24 PM
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If you're using MeasureSquare on iPad/iPhone, you have a web-based cloud account with us as well. The cloud stores backups of your files whenever you sync them on your mobile device, as well as contains your license, database, and account information.

  • MeasureSquare Cloud: http://cloud.measuresquare.com/
  • Click on "Manage your MeasureSquare ID"
  • Sign in using the same credentials you use for the iPad/iPhone app




There are a number of functions available via the MeasureSquare Cloud interface. You will find the following functions by clicking this button once you login:

  • My Projects
  • My Profiles
  • My Licenses
  • My Settings


My Projects: Displays all projects you have completed on your MeasureSquare iPad App and have synchronized with your cloud storage account. Additional functions allow you to manage your M2 job files:
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You also have access to versions, this simple feature will create a copy of your M2 job file each time you make changes and synchronize your MeasureSquare iPad App with your cloud storage account. To access previous versions of your job files, simply left click the green + button next to the File Name.


My Profiles: Displays product databases currently installed on your MeasureSquare iPad App. The following functions are available for your to manage your product databases:

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Your product database(s) sync with your diagrams and profile settings, so long as you remember to sync in the app.


My Licenses: Displays your MeasureSquare licenses, this function enables you to control access to your MeasureSquare iPad App by allowing you to revoke licenses; this may be useful if you are sharing a license between two devices. Once you have revoked a license, simply login to the MeasureSquare app on the required device and your license will be re-assigned. A small green + button located next to your licenses instance ID enables you to view detailed information about your license and the device it is installed on.


My Settings: Displays functions that will allow you to manage administrative functions of your account, such as account name, phone number, password, language, and revision count. Your Cloud Storage account has 100MB storage.


Note: If you have not updated your iPad App, it is a very good practice to synchronize your data prior to updating. To synchronize your MeasureSquare jobs files, simply drag the Diagrams screen down with one finger or tap on the "Sync" button--you will then see a dialog box indicating your data is being synchronized.