[Plan Import]How to import a blueprint in M2 app

Posted by Administrator - 3/29/2016 1:34 PM
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Please note that only M2 Pro Version for iPad/iphone as the capability to import PDFs or images.


Scenario1: To import PDFs to M2 App, you can


1.       1. Make sure your personal email is added to your Mail app on iPad/iPhone

2.       2. Email yourself a copy of the PDFs or images of blueprints

3.       3. Open email and press on the attached blueprint for 2 seconds->choose to open in M2 App

4.       4. Select pages that you want to import to M2 App->Click done.


Scenario 2: If you saved the blueprint to your photo album

1.       1. Open M2 App->Create a diagram->tap "Pencil" icon->Import & Scale->Import plan->choose the image that you want to load to M2

2.       2. Click Done.