[upload] I followed the workflow to upload diagram to FloorLink, but it only creates Lowe's ISSTs without diagrams. Why M2 fails to attach my diagram to ISSTs?

Posted by Administrator - 4/4/2016 12:59 PM
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This article applis to M2 web version for Windows and Floorlink for Lowe's installers.


When users are uploading projects to FloorLink, M2 will convert diagrams into a PDF file and attach it to Lowe's ISSTs. However, the UAC (user account control) on some computers is configired in a way that prevents M2 from converting diagrams to PDFs, thus finished ISSTs don't have diagrams attached.

To resolve this issue, user has to run a program in elevated privileges.

1. Make sure you close M2 programs completely.

2. Go to desktop->right-click on M2 icon->run as administrator

Note: for users who are not administrators, please contact your IT support about administrator privileges 

3. Upload the diagram to FloorLink->follow the wizard to finish the ISSTs->the diagram will be attached with finished ISSTs.